Help For The Career Woman

by on February 4, 2013

My client Sue is a busy professional who loves her home but doesn’t have time, tools or know how for many of the things that need to be done.

Sue calls Handy Ann when she needs help around her home!

Here is a sampling of what I have done for her.

sewn curtain to hide file cabinet

This curtain was made from fabric she found on a trip. We used it to cover her file alcove. I sewed a beautiful boarder onto the top and bottom of the curtain with  a tie-back to keep it out of the way when Sue works in her file drawers.

Because of the corner, I had to fabricate a curtain rod that would mount with a different bracket on each end.

Another time I customized a mosquito netting for a French door so that it would stay closed and yet be simple to walk through.

I also made a custom mosquito screen for a double hung window that mounted from the inside and can be removed during the winter months.

Upholstered love seat

I upholstered her love seat.

Her bathroom was painted and included major drywall patching in the shaft of the skylight.

Sue hired me to rehang the shelves in her pantry.

repaired and refinished antique dresser

I rebuilt her old dresser because the drawers wouldn’t pull out straight. They shifted from side to side and wanted to fall out when opened too far. I made drawer slides and attached runners to the bottom of them. I re-created an embellishment to dress up the front legs because one was missing and stained it to match the rest of the dresser. While it was in my shop, I used a scratch cover to revive the whole piece. It isn’t a new finish but makes the old finish look so much nicer.

Sue had me dismantle and move two antique glass shelf units. Then I installed two new shelving units and rearranged the furniture to accommodate her new  pieces.

Sue’s response when I finished was…

“You are wonderful!! I am glad this was a project that allowed you to exercise some of your creativity,” and

“You are absolutely amazing! I am so impressed. Thank you so much.”

And I say, Thank you Sue!  For allowing me to help with your home projects.




The 80’s are over and it’s time for an update!

curved chairs before the new upholstery

Even though there are only two, my client uses these as dining table chairs.  I like her ability to innovate and not need 4 to 6 identical chairs.

They look really cute with a round table! (You’ll see.)

I met Molly 2 years ago while pulling invasive Ivy from her yard. We worked together on the ivy project and discussed a lot of  things during that time. I told her about my extensive background in residential upholstery and she showed me the furniture she wanted updated.

She asked me a lot of questions about the work that was needed on her chairs, including cushion rebuilding, and styling changes that will pull the pieces together as a unit.

When she was ready to get serious about the first of her pieces, she called me. She had already purchased fabric for her chairs and after I gave her a bid, we were ready to proceed.

Putting plaid fabric on a chair that has curves is a little tricky.

Curves and angles mean that the lines will not match up perfectly all the way around, but with care and planning you can still get a clean, cohesive look.

new fabric on an old chair breeds new life

You can see that the fabric lines up around the chair inside to outside, and down the front into the band, as well as from the seat into the outside arm.

The base welt was added to enhance the beauty of the curves on the bottom of the seat.

side view of newly upholstered chair

Molly is delighted with her “new” chairs!

Onto additional projects, we’re talking about a couch, chair and ottoman and I am helping Molly find fabric for them. She referred me to a neighbor for whom I have done a love seat, a wing chair and a couch repair . . . that’s word-of-mouth advertising at its finest. Thanks Molly!

I hope to have a long and mutually beneficial working relationship with Molly. She’s a single woman living on her own in a large house. It’s a lot to keep up with and I’m delighted to help her maintain the beauty and integrity of her wonderful home.

Whether she chooses to work along side me, or have me do a project on my own, we are developing a trusting relationship.

And that’s the way I like it.




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