High-quality upholstery work is in the detail.

The face of Ann Compton, aka, HandyAnn

My name is Ann Compton. I am the sole proprietor of Handy Ann and the same holds true of all my work–whether I’m repairing a 100-year-old family heirloom sofa or painting the 15-feet-high window trim in your living room, I take GREAT pride in my work by paying close attention to detail.

You can see the detail that I’m talking about in this photograph of a chair I recently reupholstered.

Notice the pattern in the fabric, how it continues from the front of the chair, to the front of the cushion and onto the top of the cushion. That’s the detail I’m talking about.

It’s the kind of detail I bring to every, single project I have ever worked on. I can’t help myself. High quality detail is in my DNA.

Fabric, foam, wood, paint and drywall are the materials I work with most frequently and I bring 15 years experience in custom residential upholstery to every project. I also have 7 years experience building commercial custom cabinetry and 5 years of gallery-quality art framing, design and fabrication.

Home improvement projects are my passion.

In 1985 I bought my first home and have been improving, enhancing and repairing a wide variety of projects ever since. As a contractor I am uniquely interested in the design decisions that go into making your house a home. I’ve been told that the feminine side of my nature, or design sensibility, is what distinguishes my work from others. That and my attention to detail, of course.

Helping clients make improvements to their homes is what I love to do most.

Taking cost and quality into consideration, I guide people into smart choices for their homes and budgets.

I do not “bandaid” problem areas and will not hesitate to bring in other experts, such as a trusted plumber or electrician, to insure each of my jobs is thoroughly completed.

The home page of this site lists the common projects I can help you with, but I am not restricted to that list. We are limited only by the imagination!

So please ASK ME about help you need on ANY household project.

We can communicate via email or talk on the telephone to get an idea of what you need and how much it might cost. Generally I charge by the hour plus materials, and am happy to make estimates in person, free of charge. On larger projects (painting and upholstery) I will give you a firm bid. I have a one hour minimum for small projects around your home.

Handy Ann is located in North Seattle.

Preference is given to jobs in North King and South Snohomish counties, though I am happy to travel.

For locations further than 25 miles, I add a minimum $30 daily transportation fee.

Here’s what a few people have said about me and my work:

happy upholstery client of Handy Ann a favorite chair with new fabric

Not only is Ann’s work fantastic and the service exceptional, she is a lot of fun, too! I have a background in high end furniture and was looking for someone with talent, experience and an artistic eye to do some upholstery work. I found all those qualities in Ann Compton. My favorite chairs now have new life and we can enjoy them all over again. I’m looking around my house for another piece for her to do her magic on. Thanks, Ann! ~J.Hoskins, Issaquah

We were nothing short of thrilled with Ann’s work in painting the interior of our home. We’ve used other professional painters before but no one has paid as close attention to detail as Ann. We would recommend her in a heartbeat.  ~A&S Kroon, Lake Forest Park

Ann’s excellent attetion to detail showed in every aspect of her work. She asked questions about my expectations, made suggestions on how to solve problems, provided details about her bid, and delivered on her promises. I couldn’t have asked for more. As soon as the work was done, I recommended her to a friend.  ~Kam,  West Seattle

Here’s a link to Handy Ann on Facebook ~I’d love it if you liked me there!

Please share this site and my information with your friends and family or anybody you know who needs help around the house.


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