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by on February 28, 2012

Chair Upholstery Job Coordinates With Couch

When I was scheduling the delivery of a couch I recently upholstered, my client asked about getting her favorite chair done to match. I suggested that she switch the fabrics (body and accent) on the chair so that the colors would coordinate with her “new” couch but not be the same.

She thought that was a great idea.

reupholstered swivel rocker coordinated to match couch

a favorite chair renewed

It’s a small scale chair that is also a swivel rocker (the name is self descriptive) and my client loves to read in this chair. I’ve noticed women in particular prefer a smaller scale.

It must feel more secure or cozy.

angled view of upholstered chair that coordinates with couch

new and improved

This chair had no welt (or trim) previously, but it’s easy to add and provides designer benefits–it highlights or accentuates the lines of the chair and adds definition.

It’s not a modern style but the new ultra suede and trim lines give it a current feel and pulls the decor together. I put new foam in the cushion that’s a bit firmer and makes it easier to get out of which adds to the functionality and life of the chair.

upholstered chair at home near couch

her chair complements the room

It had been in a different area of the living room but with the new facelift, it’s been moved up and is near the coordinated couch now.

The owners plan to move in the not-too-distant future and will probably be downsizing. This gives them two matching pieces that feel like an old treasured set but with a new, current look.

Do you have a chair you’d like to coordinate with an existing piece of furniture? Now you know it can be done and I hope you will consider me, Handy Ann Compton for the job. Call me I’m happy to share my ideas.



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