Dad’s Old Chair

by on January 13, 2012

Everyone I know has a treasured piece of furniture. This one belonged to a client’s father.

dad's old chair

dad's old chair

My client and I love this piece of furniture ~ the sentimentality, it’s history, it’s place in her memories.

We don’t, however, always love the way old chairs look in our home.

I like to say it’s the opposite of osteoporosis–great bones, bad skin! And it’s the perfect example of a beautiful piece of furniture that can and should be saved through a quality upholstery job.

The process of renewing a classic piece of furniture begins by showing fabric samples to my clients in their home, and then ordering large swatches of their favorite fabric to look at in the evening and morning light.

I always recommend clients look at fabric samples for a couple of days ~ Over morning coffee, when you first walk in the door and while you brush your teeth. That way you get a feel for how the colors and patterns will “sit” with you;-)

Oftentimes it is difficult for people to imagine what a large change in color or style will look like. They feel tentative about bold changes. This is not an inexpensive project and fabric should last 15 or more years.

It’s important to feel confident that you will enjoy your fabric choice for years to come.

I enjoy making “house calls,” or helping my clients choose colors and patterns. Looking at the style in their homes, seeing the lighting and other furniture choices and listening to what excites them, these things help me lead my clients to the right selection of fabric.

It’s the JOY in my upholstery work.

upholstery job in action

dad's old chair being updated

This piece was fairly straight forward; a little bit of spring work, refreshed padding all around, and new foam for a comfortable and supportive seat.

You could not purchase a chair of this quality for the cost of the reupholstery. It will last for as long, if not longer than a new piece, but it has the special quality of being a family heirloom, still.

Dad's Reupholstered  Chair

dad's old chair is new again

The results speak for themselves.

Please share this post with your people, and think of me when you decide to make your family heirloom new again.


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