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by on January 16, 2012

Every Homeowner Loves To See Home Improvement Projects On Television

It’s fun to imagine the possibilities for change in our homes and what we can do ourselves.

But I must say, it absolutely kills me to see how some TV hosts go about painting the inside of a person’s home!

While it’s true painting is a task almost anyone can accomplish, there is a method that should be followed for beautiful results. Watching TV jokers begin a painting job with a roller while switch plates, doors and trim are unprotected makes me crazy!

Believe me, you would not be pleased with the results if you looked closely at one of those rooms.

Painting is an exercise in patience and while preparation may not feel very satisfactory, it is KEY to a beautifully finished project and can elevate painting (and patience) to an art form.

Handy Ann Compton’s Method For A Beautiful High-Quality Paint Job

expertly painted room by Ann Compton

the zen and art of painting a room

  • Remove all switch plates.
  • Wipe down the moulding.
  • Caulk the gaps.
  • Clean the walls if they are dirty.
  • Prime them if the color change is going to be strong.
  • Use lightweight spackle to fill holes and dings.
  • Take off the doors and remove the hardware. It’s easier than painting around hinges.
  • Make the room a clean, debris-free area to work. I believe the end result of your work is enhanced by an organized work area. It works for me!

I Like To Paint The Moulding First

I know a lot of painters like to start with the walls. But I think it is easier to tape off of the smooth wood of moulding rather than the rough surface of a wall, especially if it’s a highly textured wall.

Speaking of tape–I am a firm believer.

I’ve heard painters brag about how fast they can pull a line free hand. I have never seen a painter who can come close to matching the beautiful crispness of a taped line. It has everything to do with the end results.

After the moulding is painted, has dried and is taped, I use my favorite tool, a corner roller. I still use a brush in the very edge of the corner, but using a corner roller keeps the window paining effect to a minimum.

Window paining is the streaky effect of brush strokes.

a good green paint job by Handy Ann

preparation is key

The very last thing to do is to roll the large wall surfaces. Unless you are painting the walls the exact same color, I use two coats of paint because you get a better look from two coats, always. The color will intensify and deepen to its true value.

Painting a room is highly satisfactory. It can have a big effect on how you feel so take your time.

If you don’t have the time, the patience or are uncomfortable on a ladder you can always call me to do it for you. Calling me will insure you get a quality paint job that will last for years and I am happy to help, that’s what I do.

Help Around Your Home

close up of a beautifully painted corner by Handy Ann Compton


Beauty is in the details

Please share this article with your friends on Facebook and any family member who could use a little help around the house. I appreciate referrals and am happy to do the same for others.



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